Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Halloween Photo Shoot

Halloween really isn't my jam. But I do love how cute my kids are in their costumes! Though it was a lot easier when they were little and were perfectly happy to just pick out a costume at Costco! Not only are they too evolved for such childish costumes...they're too big!

When thinking up costume ideas, the girls and I got really excited about doing Dia de los Muertos costumes for them. And that was the plan...up until about three weeks before Halloween. That's when it finally dawned on me that they were going to have to wear their costumes many times...and quite a few of them would be without me. It just wasn't going to be possible to paint their faces that many times. And that was kind of the whole costume. So we bailed on that idea, and the girls came up with a different one. They love a book called "Super Narhwal and Jelly Jolt", and they thought it would be so fun to dress up as the characters. Well, they don't exactly sell those costumes. And there weren't even any ideas on Pinterest! My girls were venturing into unknown territory for sure if there was nothing on Pinterest!! I found a picture online for inspiration (since they had long since return the book to the school library) and we did it. It was more crafting than I've ever done before, and I had to ask Grandma Call to make the cape for Sophie, but the costumes turned out perfectly and the girls were ecstatic! 

Johnny wanted to be a zombie from his favorite xBox game, "Plants vs. Zombies". I found a picture online was thrilled. It looked like it would be a piece of cake! Well, I had a little stress trying to find a brown sports jacket at the DI, and never did. But we got close, and we were all thrilled with how it turned out!

And Joseph? Well, his costume was a bit more cerebral. He was Joey-as-a-Joey-with-a-Joey. :) And oh my goodness, the cuteness!! It was almost more than we could bear!

We had so much fun taking pictures!! Can't wait for Trick or Treats!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Conference Weekend

Oh, how we love General Conference! Danny and I get so excited to hear what our prophet and apostles and other leaders have to tell us. We love having our children gathered together, and we all love apostle treats! This October session was no different in any of those respects.

But what WAS different was donuts. Fresh, homemade, Krispy Kreme copycat donuts!! Danny got the cutter for his birthday (for this express purpose) and we were all so excited to see if we could turn out some amazing fried dough. And we did. Oh boy, they exceeded our exception completely! And now we want to make donuts all the time. 

The other really fun thing about this conference weekend was that Rosie came from Rexburg to stay with us! Well, really she was here to meet up with a boy...but we take what we can get. ;) She did spent the Sunday afternoon session with us, and Grandma Candy came too. It was a wonderful day!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Historic Mormon Trail

As Luke's anniversary approached, Danny and I talked about how we wanted to spend the day. We couldn't decide. And then a couple of days before, while I was out shopping with Joseph I noticed the incredible fall colors on the mountain. And I had the strongest desire to go hiking on Luke's anniversary. I told Danny, thinking he would tell me I was being crazy...but he told me he had the same thought! So it was settled. We would spend Luke's anniversary hiking. :)

Danny decided on the Historic Mormon Trail in Emigration Canyon. Oh my goodness, it was breathtaking! It wasn't a very strenuous hike, but we were glad for that since we kept stopping to check out the foilage. :) The weather was absolutely gorgeous, we were all a little warm in our jackets. 

There wasn't really a good place to stop for our lunch, so we just walked off the trail a bit and made ourselves at home. :) When we went to changed Joey, we realized he had totally soaked through his pants. Good thing it was so warm, and good thing he totally rocks the diaper and sneakers look. ;)

This hike wasn't a loop, so after lunch we turned around to head back to the car. But it was incredible how different everything looked on the way back! It was like an entirely different hike, and every bit as beautiful. And Danny, being the genius that he is, figured out how to use my AppleWatch as a remote camera to my phone and we were able to prop up my phone and get a full family pic! What would we do without this guy?!

When we made it back to the car, we had hiked 4.9 miles and thoroughly enjoyed every inch of it. The kids kept saying over and over that this was their most favorite hike yet. And we've done some incredible hikes! Danny took the scenic way home, and we had to stop for one more picture. I have never seen such a beautiful fall here in Utah!

I'm so glad that we were able to enjoy Luke's anniversary doing something our family loves to do. It was so peaceful, and we were able to talk about our memories of Luke and our knowledge of the Plan of Salvation. Our family is so grateful for our loving Heavenly Father, for all he has created for us to be happy. We miss Luke so much. Every. Single. Day. But we are also so happy for him, and we know he is doing a great work...and we're proud of him! And now we're one year closer to hearing about all his adventures and seeing that amazing smile again. :)